The Benefits of Using WordPress

Wonder Dog Creations builds sites using WordPress. WordPress is considered a CMS – Content Management System. A CMS gives the site administrator the ability to edit much of their site content on their own, without needing the help of their web developer. Having this ability is important for a few reasons.

Updating content, images, and posting new blogs can really help your SEO. An active site gets higher search rankings than one that is inactive and hasn’t been updated in a while.

Editing the content on your own means that you can update information, specials, pricing, and more as frequently as you’d like to. You control exactly when your content is updated and what it says.

Why choose WordPress over a different CMS?

WordPress is an open source CMS, and many people have contributed to its core. This also helps it rank higher in Google, as Google prefers open source. It’s frequently updated to keep up with the latest web development technologies and trends. It also has a library of over 52,000 plugins, which can add various features and functionalities to your site. WordPress is extremely customizable and user friendly – it is the most popular CMS worldwide, so there are plenty of groups and forums to provide help and information.

When Wonder Dog Creations builds your WordPress site, you receive thorough training and ongoing support.Reach out to learn more about using WordPress in your website!


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