WCAG Compliancy – Why it matters, and why you need it now

You may have heard of WCAG compliancy, or ADA compliant and accessible websites. These are websites that comply with a set of guidelines and standards to allow for users with disabilities to better access and use the site. Compliancy is becoming more and more important, with Google beginning to rank sites higher based on their compliancy. There are many aspects to consider when considering site compliancy – let’s discuss a few of them.

Color Contrast
One of the pieces of your side design that provides the biggest impact is the color scheme. However, if colors are too close together, it can cause difficulty for users to read. Webaim.org has a color compliance checker tool which allows you to enter two hex codes to determine whether or not their use is compliant.

Font Size
The tool above has ratings based on the text being normal size or large size. Large size text is typically 18.66px and bold or larger, or 24px or larger. Normal size text is generally considered to be 16px. Smaller font sizes may become difficult for users to read.

Alt Tags
Some site visitors that experience vision trouble may use a tool called a screen reader, which helps by reading aloud the tags and content on the site. It is important to make sure your images all have clear, short yet descriptive, alt tags. For example, a photograph of a group of people sitting under a tree could have the alt tag “Group of people sitting under a tree” – just a basic clear description of the image.

There are many more aspects of your site that can be enhanced for accessibility compliance. If you would like to request a free no obligation accessibility screening, please reach out today!


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